Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative technological solutions to increase the performance of anodes used in Zn / Ni and Zn / Air systems.

To this end, since 1998 efforts have been made to implement an environmentally efficient titanium nitride industrial production, this material is required for the construction of the zinc anode. Subsequently, the focus was on all materials constituting the zinc anode. We have revolutionized the production of calcium zincate, a key element of any zinc anode.

To date, we are working towards the shaping of these batteries in order to sustainably extend their performance.

To this end, we are working on:

The production of an electrochemical active ingredient, calcium zincate, through an ultra-fast and innovative synthesis process.
Optimization of a process for preparing a ready-to-use ink for the manufacture of the electrodes,
The improvement of zinc-based porous electrodes.

To achieve our mission, we act:

By providing the raw material.
By developing new technologies of architected zinc electrodes.